To keep brand and quality consistent across your tours (& guides), you need:
  • Guides that love working for you.
  • A balance between your brand and your guides’ personalities.
  • Guides to become active Brand Ambassadors.

Guides that love to work for you.

A motivated team who are proud ambassadors of your brand might take fewer resources to maintain than you think.

I can help you;

  • Create a Guide Program that creates brand loyalty on your team
  • Improve efficiencies in your on-boarding (infused with your brand)
  • Create an on-going education program that keeps your guides improving

  • Solving your biggest guide-stresses (how can I get my guides to sell more tour/get more 5-star reviews/train on new tours/etc)
  • Train your team to be trainers
  • Set up a recruitment plan that can scale with growth.
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Asian tour guides

A winning balance between your brand and your guides’ personalities..

Are your tours so good that even an ‘average’ guide gets raving reviews?

We’ll go through your existing tours to make sure they have;

  • An exciting arch from beginning to end
  • Stories that guides can get into
  • The perfect balance of brand + flexibility for the guides

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Food tour experience

Guides as active brand ambassadors.

Your brand (your ‘why’, your purpose, your values) might be clear to you, but is it clear to your guides?  It is obvious to guests while on your tours?

A strong brand leads to consistency, whether you have one tour or multiple-destinations and especially when you have multiple guides with different styles.

I can help you;

  • Communicate your brand to your team in a way that sticks
  • Make sure your tours are branded from start to finish

  • Get buy-in from your long-time team (as change is hard!)
  • Add brand training to your guide training
  • Create a guide community centered around your brand
  • Scale without diluting your brand experience.

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Tour brand

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All packages include a free consultation before committing.

  • Overhaul or creation of tour script templates
  • Responsible Travel/Positive impact adds
  • Branded intro & ‘big finish’ guidelines for guides
  • Guide Program creation (or revamp)
  • Branded on-boarding
  • Refreshed interview process
  • Live Guide Training for your team
  • Material for on-going training led by your team

  • Materials to communicate the Brand with your guides
  • A brand-point checklist for guides to reference on your tours
  • An internal marketing plan for getting your current guide team’s brand buy-in
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Book one at a time as you need and choose ahead what you’d like to cover including;

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I have worked with Nikki several times in the past few years on special projects. Each time, she has distilled the project down to its most basic building blocks, and then over-delivered on what was asked. She is a fantastic thought-leader around guiding and advised us well on how to add value to guides in line with our business.

Travel Curious, Tiffany Handley- Chief Product Officer

Nikki is the total package. She understands the tourism industry through multiple perspectives which allows her to remain nimble in maintaining her lines of communication. She is able to pivot seamlessly between the interests of guests, travel guides, and management to provide top-notch service throughout…

Katika Experiences, Mike Idriss- Dir of Tours

Nikki has been an incredible resource for our business, offering incredible support and insight into our business and making connections we couldn’t have made without her…

Outerthere, Al Berrios- Founder

A few companies I’ve worked with:

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