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Nikki: tour guide trainer


Nikki has worked across the tours & activity sector from NYC tour guide and a multi-day tour leader to tour designer for two multi-day start-up operators, and running the Guide Program at Intrepid Urban Adventures (working with over 160 local operators around the world totaling 1500+ guide).

Through the Global Guide Alliance, she advocates for guides to be recognized as the most important piece of the tourism landscape and translates between tour guides and tor operators.

She also does her best to simplify Responsible Travel by talking about it without all the fancy buzz words.

By day, she designs experiences with the stellar Trips Programming team at Atlas Obscura.

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I have worked with Nikki several times in the past few years on special projects. Each time, she has distilled the project down to its most basic building blocks, and then over-delivered on what was asked. She is a fantastic thought-leader around guiding and advised us well on how to add value to guides in line with our business.

Travel Curious, Tiffany Handley- Chief Product Officer

​Nikki is the total package. She understands the tourism industry through multiple perspectives which allows her to remain nimble in maintaining her lines of communication. She is able to pivot seamlessly between the interests of guests, travel guides, and management to provide top-notch service throughout…

Katika Experiences, Mike Idriss- Dir of Tours

Nikki has been an incredible resource for our business, offering incredible support and insight into our business and making connections we couldn’t have made without her…

Outerthere, Al Berrios- Founder
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Global Guide Alliance

A space for guides across the world to grow professionally, forge connections and share our collective expertise.

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This season we follow the journey of She Shapes History as they build a tourism company in Canberra, Australia.

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