I’ve worked with tour operators at all stages and sizes (big profits and major scale aren’t the only measures of success!)

My expertise lies in two opposite, yet complimentary extremes.

Building a better brand (for customers, and also for your team).

  • I think we, as an industry, can do better, and I like to push brands to have intentionality and purpose behind their tours.
  • I advocate and create resources for tour guides (through the Global Guide Alliance) and smaller tour operators (through Tourpreneur)
  • I work on a lot of content to make Responsible Travel more accessible and achievable (you can see past posts on LinkedIn).

Spreadsheets, business organization and operations.

  • I love a good spreadsheet (complete with complex automation & conditional formatting)
  • Pricing trips trips (and filling out budgets) is my happy place.
  • You’re a team of 1 and lack experience in a lot of the work you’re now finding yourself doing.
  • You have a team, but they’re specialized and can’t always help solve specific problems that pop up.
  • You want to level up but don’t have the time or brain capacity to take courses/hire a coach/go back to school.

Nikki’s mentorship has been instrumental in helping my business grow and succeed! She is an expert in the field and incredibly knowledgeable. Nikki is also thoughtful and thorough in her approach, which helped me to gain valuable insights and deepen my understanding of the work. Would absolutely recommend!

Nikki has been an incredible resource for our business, offering incredible support and insight into our business and making connections we couldn’t have made without her.

​Nikki is the total package. She understands the tourism industry through multiple perspectives which allows her to remain nimble in maintaining her lines of communication. She is able to pivot seamlessly between the interests of guests, travel guides, and management to provide top-notch service throughout.
Mike, Katika

Nikki is a wealth of information on how the tourism industry operates. She has been a great source on working with DMCs and pricing models. Nikki is also an excellent speaker and educator. 

Nadeen White

Things I can help you with/talk you through:

  • Developing a pricing strategy specific to your brand, considering margins and value proposition
  • Running competitor analysis to help determine where your pricing should fall

  • Creating a budget for each trip (which will inform margins, group size, and trip viability).

  • Techniques to help you find  your customer

  • Developing your brand mission/purpose/values

  • How to brand the customer journey and create brand touch points on the experience

  • Tactics for marketing  promotions & campaigns

  • Developing customer profiles for targeted marketing efforts

  • Brand positioning to differentiate from competitors

  • Website structure best practices (what info to include, etc)

  • Finding & vetting  local partners

  • Creating request for proposals (RFPs) for new trips

  • Working effectively with DMCs/local teams, including understanding how they operate and co-building itineraries

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with DMCs through effective communication and understanding their priorities

  • Introduction to the tours and activities industry, including different tour models and industry lingo

  • Identifying opportunities for niche markets and brand differentiation

  • Setting up a workflow to keep trip operations organized and manageable
  • Knowing where to look to figure out insurance, legal requirements, and vendor contracts

  • Identifying key terms and conditions to include for both local partners and customers

  • How to run check-ups on tours that aren’t selling well

  • How to trouble-shoot with customers facing challenges

  • How to trouble-shoot (and get a head of) challenges with local teams/guides

  • Tips and expectations for leading/hosting a group

  • Looking over itineraries/brainstorming new ones

  • Building a tour season by choosing dates & destinations

  • The mechanics of designing a memorable tour experience

  • Short term/long term goal & strategy setting

Mentoring Package

$300 USD/month

  • Unlimited emails & texts.


Retainer Package


  • Unlimited emails & texts.
  • Access to templates (budgets, operation flows, competitor analysis, to-do priority calculator, etc).
  • 2 calls/month.

One-off Sessions:

$300/1-hour call

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