Tours as Conduits of History & Culture: Tourpreneur Podcast

I have been lucky enough over the past few years to spend a lot of time talking with Michael Idriss (now the African American Interpretive Fellow at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia) about the impact of tours. It's a huge responsibility that not many tour operators or tour guides take on,

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Five Ways to Make Your Trips More Inclusive

Guest Post by Prachi Thakur on being inclusive. Inclusion is the new buzzword, and everyone wants to get on board by making their trips inclusive. As our industry stands on the selling point of diversity, it is essential that you incorporate a few minor changes to become more inclusive and be closer

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Virtual Tours: Three Big Differences That You Need to Adjust For

The biggest mistake I see is taking in-person tours and converting them to virtual. Prefer to listen & watch?  This article has a video version. Video please Virtual tours are, by nature, different.  From how they're consumed, to how guests can interact, to the price point you can

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Virtual Tours: How to Engage Your Guests Through a Screen

Two of the most difficult parts of virtual tours are (1) learning how to adjust your in-person skills and (2) engaging your guests. In this article for Indie Travel, I offer some tips on how to make a virtual tour engaging. See the full article on Indie Travel. Read here

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Guide Week Breakdown: What Makes a Guide Conference Worth Your Time

In all the work I’ve done, one of my absolute favorite things is creating guide conferences. If you’ve never been to one, that’s because they’re rare outside of the few offered by various tour guide associations. Check out the Guide Week site. (And use TRIPKINETICS for $10 off) Guide Week

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